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When Shit Hits the Fan... #MamaTribe

toddler baby girl street style wih polka dot suspenders and graphic tee

I know I’ve said this time and time again, but I think it bears repeating. When the shit hits the fan, who can you lean on? Your #mamatribe.

When every kid (that includes your spouse) is sick, one kid’s diorama is a week late, your DIY home facial has taken on an unusual smell and burning sensation, and there’s a pool party tomorrow and you haven’t seen your waxer (or your vagina for that matter) since the early 2000’s... Who you gonna call?

Utilizing those friends that know what your going through is key and can take away all your worries like a big (big gulp sized) glass of rosé.

Yes, they may not be able to get the gum out of your kid’s hair or the school fish stuck in the jacuzzi drain, but just hearing “this too shall pass” is sometimes just enough. You know you can call on these mamas that are in the trenches with you to help you through all of life’s woes. They are the glue that holds this tree from toppling.

The #mamatribe can span the globe, be accessible via social media, or may even be the very hip lady that gave you yourself life. Whoever they are, hold them tight, never let them go, and always have the champs ready on ice.

This little babe showin' her street style in our Polka Dot suspenders HERE and Stay Focused tee HERE.

-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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