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Toddler Outfits: Look of the Week!

Cool kids outfit ideas OOTD

One of my favorite things to do is to mix and match our items with other brands that we LOVE!

 To make sure your little punks are styled to the nines, we don't just pair Lot801 with the basics (sorry department stores), we hand select the best of the best. Brands that stand out above the crowd and make our threads look good. Dueces! 

Your little one's sure to rock the playground this summer with this rad outfit inspiration. All your mommy friends will be asking where in the world you snatched their outfit from... Holler to the cool moms on the block!

The response to our "I Am..." collection has been CRAZY. I swear I've never seen your toddlers looking so good ;) Keep it up mamas!

Outfit Details: Lot801 Monochrome joggers $38 | Prefresh Tank $32 | Tiny Whales Hat $18 | Supra High Tops $42

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