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The Most Comfortable Nursing / Breastfeeding Tops

If you're anything like us... you're constantly on the search for the perfect nursing tank. Well keep reading, because we think we found it. 

the most comfortable nursing : breastfeeding tanks glamourmom.JPG

We came across Glamourmom on Instagram and knew we had to try 'em out. 

As soon as we got our Glamourmom package in the mail, tore open the bag and got our hands on their super soft and stretchy tanks.... we knew we found a winner.  

We tried them on and fell even more in love. Trust us, we've tried 'em all... from the lower price range at Target, to higher end ones at Nordstrom and THIS one was instantly our fave.

Seriously, the material is probably our most favorite part. As a breastfeeding mom, there are times we're stuck in the same clothes for a few days.... especially with a newborn. Trying to figure out this whole breastfeeding thing. And these tanks were worn for 3 days (okay okay, maybe 5 days eeek) straight, washed and worn again. They were still SO comfy!!!!

Each shoulder strap has a clip that easily snaps on and off for that quick and easy access to the boob for feeding time. We loved that the tank holes were smaller than other nursing tanks that we've tried. Which was nice, instead of our whole boob hanging out of a huge hole... it was just the nipple fitting through the hole and most of the boob was covered (bonus!).

We especially loved that these tanks were extra long! No tummy or back hanging out the bottom, just nice relaxing feeding times without having to ruffle around our clothes to get comfy. We tried out THIS one and THIS one.  

We really loved the adjustable chest band one. We could adjust it to fit nice and snug around the ribcage, because one size does NOT fit all!

So if you've been on the search for the perfect nursing top, look no further because we found it!

And you're in luck, because we've partnered with Glamourmom and they've agreed to offer our readers 20% off your entire purchase with the code GMLR5772. until April 7th. 

So go snatch one quick before the offer ends and let us know which one you got! (we're loving all their colors)

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