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The Little Milk Maker Takes The Hall of Breakfast

We took a trip to the Hall of Breakfast in Salt Lake City and you know we needed to take advantage of this photo op. I can't thank Shailynn enough for capturing these fun photos on such late notice. Take a look for yourself. 

Once we heard The Hall of Breakfast was coming to Salt Lake City we knew we needed to pack our Milk Maker tee and Boobs Baby Blanket and head out the door ASAP. I mean, what else could a girl want? An entire museum featuring the most important meal of the day.... count me in!

So The Little Milk Bar owner, Lindsay, threw on her Milk Maker tee, packed up the kiddos and said let's go!

From walking into the huge giant sized fridge, candy fried eggs, bacon slide (yes, I said bacon slide), giant doughnut swings to the huge pool of plastic balls... it was like our inner kid dreams coming true all at once.

Our Boobs Baby Blanket and Milk Maker Tee was a hit... with moms around every corner asking where they can snatch one. We had a blast!!! 

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