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Love handles!!!












Love handles!!!

Nothing worse than putting on your favorite pair of jeans and you have that “muffin top” going on strong!

Here are 5 of my favorite exercises that only help sculpt other parts of your body, but are a great to help get rid of the “muffin top”

For this workout you will need 1 Dumbbell (10-12 pounds) or something you can hold that is heavy.

1-    Steering wheel: On the ground lifting legs up cross that weight across your body / 24 reps

2-    Side bends: Standing tall weight above head bring knee into elbow / 12 each side

3-    Ski Abs: Plank position jump both legs onto one side / 10 each side

4-  Squat and lift: Squat down and left one leg up flexing your foot / 12 each side

5-  Hip under: Plank position, rotate your core and reach that opposite knee past your elbow  / 15 Total

Challenge yourself repeat this workout 3 times!

You will be sweating and feel great.


Love, Brecke

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