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New House, New City

I have basically lived in the same area since I was 7. Two different houses, 5 minutes away from each other. My husband moved in after living in the same house his entire life. Now we're moving to a brand new house in a brand new area and I'm so excited. It's so well needed.

Right now my son is 20 months, and he's in the same room with my husband and I. He doesn't have room to run around and play with his toys, and now he's going to have his own room! And I'm so happy for him but also nervous.

It will be hard at first because he's so used to us being there with him constantly. But it'll be great for all three of us and he will be able to do basically whatever he wants in his room!

This transition is just going to make all of us so much happier and I can't wait! But June will be one exhausting month. 

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- Bri (make sure to follow Bri on Instagram HERE)

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