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My Mom Super Power - Shanay

My mommy power is simple.....I pray!
Hi guys Shanay here and I would like to talk about my mommy power. Now that I am married with children of my own and also being a young mommy, I always told myself being a young mom means that we meet a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer❤️

As a small child my mommy was my favorite superhero. She was the best mom a girl could ask for. So I always told myself that I would be just like my mom when giving the chance to have children of my own. I've always hoped and prayed that I could also be a superhero to my children as I followed in the same footsteps of my mommy.

Family means everything to me. As a little child I grew up with a big family, so I knew someday I would also have a big family of my own. I thank god everyday for placing such wonderful people in my life.

Now that summer is here my family and I will be doing a lot of cool things together. Traveling is a must, lots of cookouts and just all around fun in the sun.

I can not wait to read about you guys great summer adventures. I wish you all a wonderful summer.

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