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My Mom Super Power - Natalie

We're changing the conversation from what we fail at as a mother, to what makes us great mothers! Read our original post here to read what this movement is all about and join us! #MyMomSuperPower

Motherhood is like no class I've ever taken, there is no book that can possibly teach everything you need to know about being a Mom.  The lessons I've learned in these 3 short years are some of the most valuable in my life. One of which, is #mymomsuperpower.

Early on, as Finley began to show her true self more and more, as she grew, got her teeth, began to talk and walk, in that whirlwind of change from baby to kid, one thing remained the same. Her tiny personality, her spirit and her disposition. From infancy to present day, who she is remains the same. Margot is no exception. I realized that my job as their Mom just became a lot more simple than I had previously thought. 

My role and my purpose, is to help my girls become the best version of themselves that I can. They are already who they are intrinsically. I don't have to worry about "making" them into anything because they are already perfect. All I have to do is show them and shower them with love, kindness, respect, and how to be responsible, and they will be the ladies that they are intended to be.

#mymomsuperpower is my ability to observe and encourage the gifts that my girls were born with, and in turn, to help them turn into the confident and successful women that THEY want to be, not necessarily who I want them to be. It's the most beautiful ride I've ever been on❤️ #finleygirlandgogo.

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