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My Mom Super Power - Meili

At Lot801, we find that often the conversation amongst our friends and family revolves around our failures as a mother; we didn't have time for their nap which is why they're so ornery today, I wish I cooked healthier meals more often (we had Mac & Cheese for lunch), I don't spend enough time with them on fun activities… yada yada yada. Let's change the conversation and focus on what makes us a GREAT mother, what it is that we do do right. It's no longer taboo to brag about your "Mommy Super Power".

This month all of our Blog Contributors have been sharing their Mom Super Power.  We encourage all mothers to join us in this movement by posting a photo on Instagram, share your mom super power and hashtag #MyMomSuperPower. Ready… Set… GO!

I may sit and cry all winter long here in Utah because it's so cold. But, when summa summa time rolls around there's just something about this Beehive state that makes me giddy like a little school girl. It's almost nostalgic here in the summer for me. It must be something about the huge green mountains staring over us, or the smell of the black asphalt heating up under the scorching sun that makes me reminisce of my 90's childhood. 

We keep pretty busy in the summer, Averie & I. While dad's working during the day, we try and spend most of our time outdoors doing absolutely everything, and nothing at all. Sometimes, sitting on our $9 gas station blanket under our 10 year old apricot tree is just enough. There's  just something so magical about the way Averie's skin smells after a good coat of sunscreen. It just screams water parks & carnival rides. We had so much fun this last weekend at the Strawberry Days Carnival. Lots of cotton candy & fresh squeezed lemonades were had, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

This month, Lot801 is focusing on all of our 'Super Mom Powers'. Being a mom is something so selfless, it was hard to think of myself as "super." I sat, pondered, sat, asked my husband, and pondered some more about what adjective I would choose for myself as a mother. The only word that really resonated well with me was; Unconditional. 

I don't consider myself a super mom. I didn't choose to feel and act the way I do as Averie's mother. It just happened.. And I don't pat myself on the back for it, but maybe I should. I was scared shitless for the 9 months prior to A's transition into this world. I didn't think I was cut out for this full time job they call Motherhood. But, when she arrived, those feelings of life & unconditional love flooded me. 

I wish I could say I consciously choose to love her endlessly, to kiss her "owies" when she gets hurt, to want to hold her and rock her until I can't feel my arms anymore. But I don't. I just do. I never had a choice. It was never a question, and it was never something I had to think twice about. It's just the way SHE has made me. I owe my unconditional love for her, to HER. She is my super power. And I thank her every day for the woman and mother I have become because of her. 

You can find this Smiley scarf here. Make sure to follow Meili and her little one on Instagram here.

Photos taken by Perrywinkle Photography.

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