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My Mom Super Power - Maryam

Hi there! Maryam, Aiman, and baby bump here!  We are so excited to be on lot801’s blog! Currently “A” as I like to call him is 9 months old and is crawling, all while I am preggo with his baby sister on the way (6 months pregnant that is). Basically getting around and chasing him these days doesn’t get any easier but can I just say I am having SO MUCH FUN! We make it work and are loving every bit of it! 

We have come to realize there aren’t any great local stores for baby boy clothing! Bummer! So… we turned to online shopping. As a result we’ve found so many amazing shops, one of course being lot801. 



I think I might have forgotten how to dress myself. Outfit planning/coordinating is all about what Aiman will wear and momma here just throws on whatever! For example… let’s talk about these Tetris leggings for a second. Don’t they just scream “old school classic” to you? So planning started… and before you know it we came up with a classic look! Tetris leggings paired with a root beer floats tank and converses! Not bragging here but I’m not sure it gets better than that. Can’t fail to mention how amazing the quality is (not your average super thin legging) and A’s little tush/thigh rolls are just so edible in them! Can’t wait for baby girl to arrive so we can get them matching pairs! 


#mymomsuperpower - Becoming a mom changes you in ways you never thought were possible. You’ve probably had some type of super power in you before but now, as a mom, they are used daily. You start to view life in ways you’ve never seen before.

Life before becoming a mom was always about shopping, dining, luxury, and receiving. Now I’ve developed a super power and #mymomsuperpower is giving. From the day Aiman was born, the tears that shed from pure love and happiness, life all of a sudden for me meant to give. Give all the love I have in me not only to this beautiful baby boy, but extra love to my husband, my family, and families in need. 



When its grocery shopping time, Aiman’s groceries get checked off first. Mall trips? Baby stores first. Dinner time? Aiman eats first. You get the idea… and in the process of all of this wherever I see a hand in need I can’t help but extend mine. Becoming a mom makes you appreciate the smaller things in life and forget the finer things… because what’s fine is right in front of your eyes, your baby, your life.  That feeling of knowing that…right there… makes you want to share that experience with everyone.

So now I no longer want to receive anything from anyONE or anyTHING. All I want to do is give all of me to this little man and the ones around me. This is all thanks to Aiman for teaching me how to GIVE, making this #mymomsuperpower. 

Thank you so much for having us!

xoxo Maryam, A, and little bump

Get your Tetris leggings here. Make sure to follow Maryam on her Instagram feed here.

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