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Moving With Toddlers

We just moved into our new place! And here's our new couch from IKEA, which is the only place that's not a disaster area in our new house. I can't wait until it's all cleaned up and organized so I can decorate! 

One thing I can say is if you're moving anytime soon, try not to do it in the summer. Moving in 90 degree weather is not the best. But moving in general is not the easiest. Especially with a toddler. He tries to get into anything and everything as well as want your attention while you're trying to move boxes and stuff around from one place to another.

But he's had so much fun running around and eating all the treats we've been bribing him with or giving him to cool off from the summer heat. We have not had the best diet the last two weeks. But at least we're all getting fed. 

If you're planning on moving soon and have toddlers. Make sure to have toys and lots of snacks and it shouldn't be too bad. We've also been treating ourselves with ice cream or smoothies lots and also to cool down.

Another thing that has helped a bunch is letting him stay with grandparents for a bit. He has fun while we get things done!

-Bri (make sure to follow Bri on Instagram HERE)

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