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Mom's Got Style Too - Sovanny

Hello everyone 

I remember getting back into the blogging scene earlier this year. Gemma was about 2 months old and hated sitting in the pram. So on our family photoshoots my husband would either have Gemma in a baby carrier or she'd be crying in the pram. He was the one taking the photographs too by the way. Throw a toddler in the mix and well it was no fun at all. I hated posing for the camera while the kids were restless and the images didn't turn out great either. After a few goes, I decided that if we were to continue style shooting and blogging that I needed to make it work for everyone. I put few concious changes in place and as result of this, we were able to produce blog worthy images representative of what I was all about - style meets motherhood. Once more, the arguments about how I didn't like the images stopped. It's amazing how a few simple changes made all the difference.

My guess is that this is a common struggle amoungst other mum bloggers so I wanted to share how we go about our style shoots. And just maybe these points will be helpful.

Timing - Often I get asked how on earth do you find the time?!. After all, Gemma still naps twice a day. My best answer is on the weekends, once the kids have had their breakfast and before Gemma has her morning nap. So we've literally got a 1 hour window during the day. It works as the kids are truly most happiest during this time. Which leads to my next point.

Make it about them - And us! Generally I'll get the girls dressed and say ok let's go to the park or coffee shop. They love a play and they also love a babychino. On the way to our destination we'll make a quick pit stop and take the photographs. Easy!

Keep it real - I googled a few celebrity paparazzi shots and showed them to my husband so he got a sense of what I was after. I figured if husby photographed us while the babes and I went about our business, the kids wouldn't feel the pressure of posing and we'd get fun and natural style photographs. Some of it is semi staged so you might catch us running in circles around the same spot. The kids absolutely love running so it's all good.

Don't stress - Some days just aren't made for taking pictures and then there's the weather. If we really have to do a style shoot on a day like this, we just somehow make it work in the comfort of our own home. Whether it's on our bed, the couch, the studio or our garden. The beauty of this is, it can be done any time of the day as long as there's enough light.

Have fun - it's a great opportunity to bond with the kids so play with them, laugh with them, tickle them and treat them for being awesome

Patience - Last but not least take about 200 images. I'm not kidding! Kids move a lot and if you want sharp images you need to be quick and prepared to take a load of images.

Thanks for reading and geeeeet clicking.

Sovanny xxx

Sovanny's little babe is styled in our blue Blocks leggings, you can get them here. Make sure to follow Sovanny on Instagram (@sovannyvu) here

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