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As I start to count down to D Day (Delivery Day), it’s starting to set in that not only am I going to have another little munchkin running around, but that I am going to have go through labor again. If you read one of my first posts for Lot801, you know that I decided to have my babies naturally.

Usually when I tell people that, they look at me like I have 3 heads and just shit my pants in front of them. Hence, why I have some hesitation in birthing naturally again, because the first time wasn’t easy.

My labor with Annabelle was long and arduous. 36 hours of labor with 7 hours of pushing. Basically, giving birth to my little spark plug was like doing an iron man without any training. I would be lying if I said that, because of that experience, I am not petrified of doing it all again. The thought of working that hard and pushing that long is terrifying, but I know it’s the only way I want to bring these babies into this world.

This time we decided to kick it old school and have this baby at home. I hoped that being in my own space would lower my anxiety and keep me serene while trying to push out something the size of a watermelon out something the size of a lemon. Hopefully, being able to lie in my own bed and use my own toilet will help this whole labor thing go smoothly.

In the end, unfortunately, what happens in about 5 weeks will be out of my control. All I will be able to do is sit down and hold on. But, with a cute baby and sick push present on the horizon, hopefully I’ll be able birth goddess the shit outta this one.

Little Annabelle wearing our Palms Henley Romper Here.

-Chelsea (make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram HERE)

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