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Mommy and Me Date

Our Summer has been a whirlwind of travel.  Airplanes, packing, unpacking and a general feeling of “on the go”.  We’ve had a great time, and I can’t believe that the school season is around the corner.

One thing Finley and I haven’t had a lot of  because of our busy schedule, has been “alone time” because of our schedule, and she had recently mentioned a “Girls’ Day” with just her Mama.  How could I refuse?!  

We both love an adventure, so we started the day with a trip to one of Houston’s best photography treasures, “The Color Wall”.

We had a blast throwing around a bunch of left over confetti, and jumping around from color to vivid color.  We then checked in at a fun little hotel for a dip in the pool, room service, and a bit of  jumping on the bed;)

Needless to say, these 24 hours with my first born will be forever treasured, and I can’t wait until we can include Margot on our next “Girls’ Day” when she gets a little bit bigger.  These little ladies are too much fun.

Finley dressed adorably in our Dark Grey Suspender Pants HERE

-Natalie (make sure to follow Natalie on Instagram HERE

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