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Mom Identity Crisis

I’ve been going through this whole identity crisis for a few weeks now. I’m working on a couple of exciting new projects, Charlie’s almost toilet trained which basically means he’ll be ready to move out of home soon and Gray’s turned 6 months old and on a daily mission to conquer his small world.

So I’m torn between being a kickass ladyboss and a somewhat 'average but trying my best' mama.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, in fact I find myself battling this on a regular basis. I’m yet to figure out why but it has got me thinking about how satisfied I am with my current life. You know how you see all those incredible humans online mastering their ‘destiny’ and nailing life?

Some of them have even turned it into a career and promise to help (mostly women) find purpose and meaning in their lives, well they’ve been capturing my attention ALOT these past few weeks and although I’m yet to take the plunge and do anything about using their services, I am loving getting their weekly inspirational emails, stalking their social pages and scrolling through their websites.

One day I might just be brave enough to ask myself that burning question and jump right in the deep end of the pool of possibilities but for now I’ll just be that chicken sitting over here using my kids/laundry/work/life commitments as an excuse! 

In case you’re not a chicken like me and do want to jump right in to finding your place in this crazy world (outside of motherhood…I know, it’s crazy but there is one!) then here’s some of the women rocking my world at the moment. You’re welcome xx


Marie Forleo - for all you kickass working mamas 

The Gratitude Project - Angela is your girl for all things health and happiness

Melissa Ambrosini - this little thing will help you find your superpowers!

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-Tania (make sure to follow Tania on Instagram HERE)

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