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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Lot801 is now The Little Milk Bar (rebrand)

Lot801 is now The Little Milk Bar. This rebrand has been a long time coming and I've been dying to finally spill the beans. In case you haven't noticed, our brand has taken a bit of a turn from our path that started with kids clothes.

Keep reading to hear how this slow transition turned into The Little Milk Bar. 

We started connecting more and more with breastfeeding moms. You started reaching out to us with tons of questions, stories, "thank you's", concerns, etc. and we listened. We heard you! This is when we decided to answer back. We first released the Boobs Baby Blanket for every single one of you who reached out to us with your stories about public breastfeeding. We were BLOWN away with the response.

It was like every single one of you decided to answer back to the world.... WITH US, with our Boobs Blanket. We felt honored to be apart of something so big.

We then made it our mission to #normalizebreastfeeding by starting our #dropthecover movement. And you guys answered back by making it go viral! 

Then we released our Milk Maker tee.... we bought TWO months of inventory just to see how it went. Again, you guys answered back and it sold out in 3 DAYS!!!!! We knew that we were finally filling a hole in the world, a hole that breastfeeding mothers were looking for, a hole you needed in this retail space. A brand specifically for YOU. You needed a brand that understood you, that stood up for you, that became your voice when you couldn't speak up. Again, we heard YOU!

We didn't create The Little Milk Bar... YOU did. 

So here's to all the mothers who have ever fed their baby in a bathroom stall or parked car. Use your voice, even if it shakes. We have your back!

-Linds (owner)

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