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Happy Halloween!


There's just something about October- and not because it's my birthday month or anything like that. It's the time of year that makes you realize that the festivities are really here! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then it's a New Year! 

But October - it's the kids excitement for candy, the excitement for trick or treating, or the adults feeling like kids again in costumes -it's just a fun month!  

BUT we got a little impatient and wanted to start dressing up. Mila turned out being Minnie Mouse- she was too darn cute! and Aiman ended up being some monochromatic super hero with a mask made of eye liner and a cape made from his dads tee shirt that I just decided to cut up. Oh! - their little pumpkin friends joined as well.

One was a rockstar and the other was a witch. So you see why this is our favorite month? It doesn't matter what you decide to dress up to be because you can be whatever you want to be! (Or in this case whatever your mommy decides you're going to be) 

 Little Minnie Mouse styled in our Polka Dot Suspenders and little superhero in our Monochrome Joggers


Maryam (make sure to follow Maryam on Instagram HERE)

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