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Fighting off the Festive 15

Fighting off the Festive 15

It’s my favorite time of the year, but along with the festivities comes a whole lot of parties where platters of food and glasses of eggnog are endless. This post is not intended to make you feel guilty about enjoying the holidays! It’s this time of the year that we should be with loved ones and coming together over delicious comfort food.

But the goal is that you are still slaying your way through the holidays and not finding yourself 15 lbs. overcome January. Read along and hopefully some of these tips make you think twice before reaching for a third serving of your mom’s stuffing.

6 quick & dirty tips to help kiss that festive fluff goodbye:

1. Keep Moving, Mama! Schedule in workouts during the festive season and commit to it like you would any appointment in your calendar. Do it first thing in the morning before the mashed potatoes make an appearance in the kitchen.

2. Snack Before You Attack. This means opting for a small meal before you head out to a party. This will likely keep you from diving head first into the apple pie at the fam jam and will also help to keep your portion sizes reasonable.

3. Watch Those Liquid Calories! You better believe that the candy cane infused punch and sparkling wine can add up, so try alternating with a glass of water so you don't overdo it with the fancy drinks. One holiday H2O coming right up!

4. Choose Wisely. I know it can be tough when in front of a buffet of desserts with everything from gingerbread cookies to apple crumble, but if you know your aunt makes the best darn cheesecake then absolutely go for it! Skip out on the mediocre treats and go for the premium goods instead!

5. Friends + Family > Food. Remember this equation! It means to focus on friends, family and your conversations versus having a one-on- one with the dinner table. Holiday parties are not just ‘food events’; they are the best time to catch up with some of the closest people in your life, so do just that instead of focusing on all the food!

6. Trick Yourself. As silly as this sounds, use a small plate when eating at parties. Perception is everything especially when it comes to food. Plus, it’s often our eyes that are hungrier than our tummies. With that said, fill your smaller plate up and enjoy like everyone else, but just half the portion size. PS - don’t forget to get in those veggies and salads!

And just a friendly reminder that following the festive season comes January and don’t you want that head start on the “new year, new you” resolution? ‘Tis the season for extra weight gain, but now with these simple tips in mind you can still enjoy parties without throwing away all your good habits. Finally, you can say peace out to that post-festive fluff!

We are wishing you a very happy and healthy holidays!

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Yours in health,

-Trisha (make sure to follow Trisha on Instagram HERE and her blog HERE)

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