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Dressing The Punks - Shaw

It's 3p in the afternoon and his older brothers are sleeping. (This never happens. No, really - Never!) 

Yesterday on our way home from Grandma's house, all three of my boys slept in the car. (That never happens either. One is always awake and sure to wake at least one of his brothers, eventually.) So yesterday, I sat in the car for over an hour with the AC on in our driveway. I had time just for me. I did a bit of work and a lot of crock pot recipe pinning. 

Today, I feel blessed to be given another nap time break, but this time with my littlest dude. Someone who doesn't get much one on one apart from nursing in middle of the night. Having three boys less than two years apart leaves me with just enough time for everyone as a whole, not enough time to wash my hair, and even less time to plan date nights with my boys, or with anyone for that matter . 

This afternoon I spent our one on one time smothering this little squish. He pushes me away and looks at me like, "Mom, chill out - I need some space." But I don't take it personally, and certainly don't listen to the little boss-man. He is losing his baby all too fast. Today he is 9mos. He is starting to give me those teenager glares and making me work for those slobbery kisses. And man, this afternoon I worked hard

Soaking in these moments are so important. I used to take them as opportunities to do laundry, finish up dishes or start prepping dinner. After having three boys grow before my eyes the last four years, I have realized all too quickly how this season passes in a flash.

Our house is empty, with the garage full of boxes. The dishes are clean in the dishwasher and dinner might be microwaved macaroni and cheese. I could've unpacked a box or two. I could've put away dishes, or made something on the stove, but I didn't. Today, I chose to give myself a little grace. I will go back to that life one day. But not today. Today we laid around on blankets in our empty living room, just him and I. 


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