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Dressing The Punks - Shanay

Hi guys!

I hope all my fellow Mommy's are doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather we have been experiencing before winter really hits. Zuri and I have been spending plenty of time outdoors, because as you guys know that's our favorite Mommy & Daughter time to be outdoors at the park taking pictures and having fun together

One of our biggest struggles for both Zuri and I, is getting her off the pacifier. The reason I say it's a struggle for both us is because she's super attached to it and wants it with her and it's hard for me as a Mommy to watch her cry when I know that's what she wants. Zuri will be 3 this upcoming February and it's way past time for her to be done with us but this isn't an easy task and OH Boy one of the hardest out of all of my children. While trying get rid of the pacifier, I'm also potty training Zuri and I have faith my BIG girl will have both down pack soon. Of course I'm much more sensitive with my baby girl so that may also be a reason she still so attached to it. Because we spend so much time outdoors, it's very hard to keep up with a pacifier and I would rather her play and have a good time without needing it.

I have done a lot of research on this and would any advice for other Mommy's who've also had this issue in the past and would love to hear what you've tried in the past with your son or daughter. Any feedback, tips or advice please let me know so Zuri and I can speed this process up.


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