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Dressing The Punks - Maia

"Pardon the dust".  A simple yet complex way to excuse one's appearance or means of renovation, being a business, new construction, and fitting enough, one's life being worked on. This is the best way to describe my life currently. 

It's Fall in New York and just had our first 46 degree weather the other morning, and with that, comes the end of green foliage and lifestyles. For the little guy and I, it's a new start. Something that might seem bleak in the horizon with winter coming,  but it's the true beginning of starting over in my life right now. Our summer wasn't as fortunate to it ending and as we began October last week with transitioning into C having two households. 

It's been hard and unsettling and very foreign so far in the last two months. I know that we are about to embark on a long and hard winter in my heart and in the season, but I have the brightest thing with me to make my mornings and evenings shine with the warmest smile and love. I have C in my life the majority right now and a new steady job that is open to me not working insanely long hours. 

As I snuggle him into his lot801 dot hat that particularly cold morning to head to daycare and brace ourselves for the approaching cold winter months. I can stare into his eyes and see that this is a new beginning for us both. Hard as it may seem in my moments of heartache for C to not be in a loving home with two parents, I like to think of the trees and leaves he is so fascinated with and take that moment to think that while the trees are dropping their vibrant leaves and prepping to nest away to give new life within for the coming months until a warmer season. I know that we will make it together into a stronger foundation that by come spring, we are going to have the most vibrant and beautiful season imaginable.

So pardon my dust. I got bigger and more beautiful renovations happening within our new home.

To all the single mothers who have been through this or starting out like I, have faith and realize the warmth is in you and for the best life your child will have. 

Over and out with warm hot chocolate.  xoxo -Maia & Calder. 

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