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Dressing The Punks - Maia

Holiday's bring more than just the fulfillment of family time and
festive decorations. It also provides an ample time with most folks
having family photos or holiday photo shoots scheduled at a daycare or
school. While I am excited for an opportunity to spend with friends
and family this seasonal end of year and planning and cooking meals
for thanksgiving or potlucks.
I'm looking forward this first year with my smalls having his first
schedule formal photo shoot with his daycare tomorrow, and figure that
outside of the standard button downs, frilly dresses, and khakis, that
our little ones should be able to stand out and show their true
spirit. What better way to have your confident and original little
girl or guy stay stylish in their holiday photo then pairing it with a
beautiful piece from lot801!

Have your little mini little fashionista stay ahead of the curve then
pairing the grid leggings with a feminine romper and finish off with a
pair vibrant docs and lot801 headband.

Or if your little girl is more sophisticated and plans to be a future
president or Doctor, keep it classy with pairing the grid leggings
with a cashmere sweater pull over, twill feminine shorts, and fun

And for the boys. Make your future rockstar or tech mogul stand out
from all the plaid and button downs and put them in simple neutrals by
pairing the grid leggings with slip on boots, and a bowl knit sweater.
Add in a hat for added cool points.

Not only will your little smalls look rocking, but you'll be
supporting small businesses, like Lot 801 this holiday season!

Be thankful this season and merry with food and laughter.
xo -Calder & Maia

et your grey Grid leggings here. Make sure to follow Maia on Instagram (@ohheymaia) here.

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