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Dressing The Punks - Kiri

Bonjour from Paris! I'm Kiri (and I'm actually from Sydney Australia) and blog on I'm a mother, wife, beach lover and total adventurer. The three of us have just arrived in Paris to start an incredible few months travelling together making magic memories. 

Paris has always had a special place in my heart and it brings me so much joy to bring my little family here to explore the old buzzing streets and to get lost together in her web of stories and experiences.

Watching Matisse run around in awe of Paris is so rewarding. It's such a change of what she's used to at home.  Instead of being drawn to toys in windows or signs or people, she's discovering the cracks in the walls, the gaps under enormous double doors, flowers in petite windowsill plant pots and rubbish on the street. 

Her smile and laugh ignite a spark inside of me to live life to the absolute maximum (until we need a nap) and to see the world with new eyes.

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