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Dressing The Punks - Chelsea

As the holiday season rears it’s reindeer-y, menorah-y head, I am getting so excited to start making yearly traditions with my newly expanded family. Last year Annabelle was too little to really absorb the magic that is the holidays. This year will be the first year she is able to actually open presents, drink hot cocoa, and pick out a Chrismakah tree. The hubby and I decided that when we had kids, we were going to make the holiday more about traditions then about religion. Since I was raised Jewish and my husband Catholic, we knew for our kids there would be some muddy ideas around what the holidays were about, especially since we haven’t practiced either of those religions in a long time. For all we knew, Christmas may as well have been about a time when Jesus ate too much turkey and fell asleep in front of late night Seinfeld. For us, this would mean making a big deal out of picking a tree (a la Christmas Vacation and chopping down our own), taking trips up the to the mountains to go sledding and gorging on fresh apple pies. and on Christmas day handing out meals to the less fortunate (which is actually a tradition we have done in my family for years). The potential to create fun, memorable, and down right crazy memories is so exciting that the holidays can’t get here quickly enough. December may have it’s traditions, but the Cahan family have each other. 


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