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Enjoy Free US Shipping on Orders Over $75! (Pre-Tax)

Dressing The Punks - Belin + Tetris & Drops

When puppies play fight, boy puppies will often let girl puppies win. Now that I have sons, I’m seeing firsthand what tender hearts boys have. Hi! I’m Belin and I married my best friend, Clay. After struggling with infertility, we were blessed to double our family 21 months ago with the addition of our twin boys, Kingston and Kai. I’ll never forget the day I officially became a mother. My husband’s work takes him away from home about half the year. When the boys and I aren’t traveling with him, we’re holding down the fort in Utah. 

Sidewalk chalk screams summertime. From the moment I first introduced it to the boys, it was an instant hit. That, and blowing bubbles. Witnessing your child experience something for the first time is definitely one of the many perks of being a mom. 

Especially since Mother’s Day was on Sunday, this Heart Mama tank from Electric Collective was the perfect top to pair with a Scribble beanie and Tetris leggings.

I love capturing moments. Photos are memories frozen in time. What will I remember whenever I see this photo of me with the boys?? The behind the scenes story. My husband was in Rome, and in order to get the shot, I had my camera balancing on top of a box that was on a ladder, with a 10 second timer set to shoot. I definitely gave our neighbors a show.

We are excited to share the twin experience and beyond thrilled to be a part of the Lot801 gang. I absolutely love that Lindsay’s designs are unisex. Here is Kingston with his cute cousin, Eva, also rocking some Lot801. Hope all you amazing mamas had a very Happy Mother’s Day! 


Tetris leggings here. Drops leggings here. Scribble beanie here. Smiley Scarf here. Tops he/re.

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