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Booty and Belly with Bands Workout

Booty and Belly with Bands Workout

B is the letter of the day.

Yep, I'm totally talking mom language. A few times a week, we pick a letter of the day. My son is
4, so we really just do it for him... or so I thought. The other day, my two-year old picked up a
wooden letter “E’ and said “E”, then went on to name several different letters. I was shocked!
(Mom brag... sorry).

Anyway, when we pick a letter, we focus on it all day... or for an hour until we forget about it.
This game works great for luring my son to the store. I say "find everything at Target that starts
with a B". That gets him excited about my B-oring errand and it keeps him busy for a few
minutes while shopping too, as he asks to buy all of the B items.

Brownies, bunny crackers, bubblegum ... why can't he want Brussels sprouts, broccoli or black
beans?! Well, cause he's a kid and kids are smart... that junk stuff tastes good... but it's not the
best for your Belly or Booty ... unless you want them a little B-lubbery.

So, let's talk about the Booty and Belly. First, eating a clean diet will do wonders for those areas
and so will bands! I love my workout bands. They're inexpensive, portable and powerful. You
can throw them around your legs and crank it some major burning exercises right from home.
The resistance is legit and so are the results.

Here's my Booty and Belly Band workout...

- Plank with Back Kick: Place a band around both ankles and get into a plank position. Kick
one leg up into the air and tighten those buns. Do 15-25 on each leg.

- Squat with Thigh Lift: With the band around your ankles, step out into a wide stance. Squat
down, as you rise lift one leg up and out to the side. Place foot down, squat and then lift the
other. Do 15-20 total squats.

- V-Up Pulses: Lay on your back with band around your ankles. Rise into a V-Up with shoulders
and legs off the ground. Grab band with your hands. Now pulse legs down against the back
while resisting with arms.

- Side Plank Booty Lifts: Get into a side plank with the band around your ankles. Lift and lower
the top leg for 10-15 reps. Switch sides and repeat.

While we are talking about the B's of fitness. I gotta share my Banana Ball recipe with you!!
These are perfect for a quick snack or even breakfast.

What you need:
2C rolled oats
1 ripe banana
1C unsweetened shredded coconut
1TBSP coconut oil
1/4C chia seeds or ground flaxseeds
2TBSP applesauce (I make my own with apples & cinnamon)

How to: Mash the banana in a bowl. Add all other ingredients to the bowl. Mix well (I use my
hands). Make 18-20 small balls and place in a Tupperware in the fridge. Have 2-3 as a snack or
4-5 as breakfast.

Ok, babes, go make those Beautiful Bodies even more Bangin'.

-Elyse (make sure to follow Elyse on Instagram HERE)

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