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A Boys Room!

A Boys Room!

We recently moved Gray into his own room and unlike the first time around with Charlie we were nowhere near organised! The 'nursery' was still the spare room and I hadn't even purchased anything new especially for Gray so we decided to overhaul both the boys rooms to give them a special space to call their very own!

I'm certainly no stylist and I absolutely hate walking the shops so I turned to the only tool I knew could help me, Instagram! 

I'm a massive advocate of small business and handmade / homemade goods so insta was the perfect place for me to find some really special pieces the boys could keep as they grew up. I ended up buying about 90% of the items from insta, #winning!!

Having just finished the rooms I asked Charlie to pick out a few of his favourite things. The things he picked actually surprised me, I certainly didn't expect him to pick clothes but then he does love dressing up and having his photo taken so it shouldn't be that surprising! 

I'm loving his new little space and hopefully he'll love it for a few more years to come yet too!

Flat lay including our Light Grey Suspenders HERE.

-Tania (make sure to follow Tania on Instagram HERE)

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