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Free Gift On All Orders Over $45

Former Lot801 is now The Little Milk Bar

Press Release

Lot801 announces rebrand

(Salt Lake City, UT; May 1, 2018) - Lot801, LLC a company that empowers breastfeeding mothers, is proud to announce the completion of its rebrand and name change from Lot801, LLC to The Little Milk Bar, LLC.

This company started in 2014 at Lindsay's (owner) kitchen table selling a few baby clothes and baby blankets on Etsy. Over the years the sales increased, products improved and Lot801 established its  own website. 

For the past year we recognized that Lot801 needed a new name... that our brand had surpassed the little Etsy shop Lindsay had first opened a few years ago. 

"We've been incredibly pleased with the response of this rebrand from our customers, which shows that this move is a welcome change and will be quite successful.

We are enthusiastic about growing this business and are excited for what the future has to bring for The Little Milk Bar." States Lindsay White, founder.


Contact Info:

Owner - Lindsay White

Organization - The Little Milk Bar, LLC

Phone - 801-867-1884