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Surprising 5 Breastfeeding Moms with UrbanStems Flowers... Just Because

Breastfeeding is hard, like super hard.

From the middle of the night feedings, to the tears, sore nipples, the “am I doing it right?” moments, all the showers you didn’t take… it’s a lot to take in. And sometimes we just need a little pick me up to interrupt our “ground hog days” of doing the same thing everyday. Sometimes mom just needs a little reminder that she’s doing an amazing job.

So last month we teamed up with UrbanStems to gift 5 random mamas a bouquet of surprise flowers.


Here’s what I did. I posted a Story on my Instagram asking my community of 50k breastfeeding mothers if they were struggling in their BF journey right now.

I then went through the mothers who hit YES and chose 5 random mamas (who I personally don’t know) and asked for their shipping address.

I reached out to UrbanStems and asked if they wanted to partner with me on this project. They didn’t skip a beat and immediately responded back YES! It was on like Donkey Kong.

UrbanStems was able to ship out 5 bouquets to these amazing mothers within a few days.

They also sent a bouquet MY way! I was incredibly impressed when I got the package. It came in the cutest pink box, had a cute little note in it and holy crap… the bouquet was gorgeous! (seriously, I’m obsessed with this bouquet. They sent me the Double the Macchiato.



I’m not gunna lie, I was waiting on pins and needles for these women to get their flowers. I know the feeling all too well. Struggling through your breastfeeding journey is tough. Something as simple as letting these mothers know they’re not alone with an unexpected bouquet of flowers from a stranger, could turn their day around.

Tuesday morning these mamas started getting their bouquets.



This was such a fun project! And I can’t thank UrbanStems enough for collaborating with us on it. Their team was a dream to work with, and can we talk about those flowers???

I made a little video below for you to see how it all turned out.


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