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Mom's Got Style Too - Belin


Summer may be coming to an end but our adventures sure aren't! We have been some of the busiest bees there are lately! And we've been loving every minute of it (except for the messy house that gets left behind, of course).


My husband is all about football, every Sunday, Monday and Thursday! Me? Not so much! So when my sister asked if Boss and I wanted to go to the movies on Sunday, we jumped right on that opportunity! We went and saw Hotel Transylvania 2 and it was such a cute movie! I've never seen the first one but it wasn't one that you had to see the first to get the second! Boss loves his movies and this was his second experience in the movie theatre! He is a busy body so he didn't sit still much but he watched most of the movie while gulping down his icee and munching on some popcorn!


Afterwards, we went outside and burned some of that energy in that tiny body of his! He was having too much fun feeding me popcorn (and spilling it all over right after) and throwing pennies into the water fountain! He even tried taking off his clothes and shoes thinking he was going to be a penny and take a dip himself! He was awfully sad when it was time to go!


The weather was beautiful since it finally cooled down to the 70's so we tried to soak it all in because hotter weather is right around the corner again! I am so excited for fall and winter wardrobes! We've been living in shorts and sandals for long enough this year!


Getting out the door and exploring anything and everything we can has been our goal lately and we've been doing a pretty good job at it! Having a lazy day here and there is necessary for us to recuperate and get some stuff done around the house but being out and about is more our jam! Here's to many more adventures!


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